Currently on exhibit:

Tis Kaoru Zamler-Carhart & Vitaly Zamler

Plasticiens scénographes

28C Jobs Ln, Southampton, NY 11968


Thu-Sun 11am - 11 pm and by appointment

Galerie Mitobo’s inaugural season presents the opulent visual world of the parent-son artist duo Tis Zamler-Carhart and Vitaly Zamler. Tis & Vitaly create in their Brussels and Williamsburg studios, and have exhibited across Europe and Africa, from galleries and international art fairs to Nigeria’s National Museum of Unity. They use photography as a building technique to interrogate surfaces and materials, in the conceptual tradition of French “photographie plasticienne” and the rich Franco-Belgian heritage of cartoon art, metal printing, and textile design. Their art straddles surrealism, collage, design, and tapestry, with a radiant sense of space and musicality.